About 1st Source Plumbing

1st Source Plumbing offers professional, economical, and ethical plumbing service to the DFW area. Our mission is to provide honest customer service with top quality work performance for a reasonable price. With several years of plumbing experience, we have acquired the knowledge and tools necessary to cover all facets of plumbing services for restaurants and commercial businesses.

24 Hour Service Available!



Travis Fogle, Owner
Travis moved from Indiana in 1980 and has been a Texan for 35 years. Travis is happily married with three beautiful kids and God willing, another one in 2017. Travis’s plumbing interest has captivated him for many years. He has been a plumbing apprentice since 2010 and continues to increase his plumbing knowledge. Travis decided to start 1st Source Plumbing, Llc. with Larry Chambers on the shared image that the partnership would fulfill their aspirations on building relationships with customers instead of a billing cycle. When Travis and 1st Source Plumbing, Llc. provides service, the intention is based on confidence and reliability, thus allowing the customer to know that we are there for them.

Larry Chambers, Owner
Larry has been in the plumbing industry for 39 years. Born in Louisiana, he has provided service in the DFW metroplex since 1979. Larry obtained his Master plumber license in 1984. Larry also has a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. Larry decided to team up with Travis Fogle and create 1st Source Plumbing, Llc. on the understanding that their customers are the first priority as the two have known and worked alongside one another long before 1st Source Plumbing, Llc. was dreamt into a reality. It was agreed that it is how the business solves the customers plumbing problems which allows us to remain in good standing with the customer. Therefore, Larry always approaches his business services with quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Plumbing works is regulated by Larry Chambers, responsible Master, Licence # M-16051 Texas State board of Plumbing Examiners  929 East 41st ST. (zip 78751) P.O. Box 4200, Austin TX, 78265 Fax: (512) 450-0637 OFC: (512) 936-5200

Russell Pencek, Supervisor
Russell, commonly known as Rusty, has been providing plumbing service for 27 years. He obtained his Journeyman license in 2006. Rusty moved from Chicago, Illinois to Texas in 1989. He has been happily married for 29 years and has two sons, the eldest of which is currently an Apprentice Plumber. Rusty’s main objective with 1st Source Plumbing, LLC. is to provide each customer with quality, economical, and ethical service.


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